Geoff Foot

    Born 26 November 1946 in Manchester. Started his musical career whilst still at school playing with local bands through the 60ís, including "Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders".

    He made his recording debut on RAK records in 1972 on Mickie Mostís label and first came into contact with "Herman Hermits" the same year when they recorded one of his songs, "Sheís a Lady" which reached the top ten in Scandinavia, Thailand, and the Philippines 

    He joined "Hermanís Hermits" in the late 80ís touring the USA, Germany and Scandinavia amongst others before taking a break to help bring up his young family.

    During this period he returned to play with "Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders", also "Mike Sweeney and the Thunderbirds".

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